Video: Become an ascet in the world – Fr. Andrew Konanos, Greece


Become an ascet in the world – Fr. Andrew Konanos, Greece


Εκπομπή 28: Καλοί Λιμένες – Διάφορα περιστατικά – ORTHODOX HEART

Εκπομπή 28: Καλοί Λιμένες

Διάφορα περιστατικά – ORTHODOX HEART

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (+1994), the temptation of atheism when he was 11 years old & the appearance of Jesus Christ to him




Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (+1994)

the temptation of atheism when he was 11 years old

& the appearance of Jesus Christ to him

From the age of eleven [says Saint Paisios], I would read the lives of the Saints, I would fast and keep vigil. My older brother would take the books and hide them, but that didn’t stop me. I would just go into the forest and keep reading there.

Later, when I was fifteen, a friend of my brother named Costas told my brother, “I’ll make him willingly give up all this nonesense.” He came and explained to me Darwin’s theory of evolution. I was shaken by this, and I said, “I’ll go and pray, and, if Christ is God, He’ll appear to me so that I’ll believe. I’ll see a shadow, hear a voice—He will show me a sign.” That’s all I could come up with at the time.

So, I went and began to pray and make prostrations for hours; but nothing happened. Eventually I stopped in a state of exhaustion. Then something Costas had said came to mind: “I accept that Christ is an important man,” he had told me, “righteous and virtuous, Who was hated out of envy for His virtue and condemned by His countrymen.” I thought to myself, “since that’s how Christ was, even if He was only a man, He deserves my love, obedience, and self-sacrifice. I don’t want paradise; I don’t want anything. It is worth making every sacrifice for the sake of His holiness and kindness.”

God was waiting to see how I would deal with this temptation. After this, Christ Himself appeared to me in a great light. He was visible from the waist up. He looked at me with tremendous love and said, “I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in Me, even if he dies, he shall live” (Jn. 11:25). He was holding the Gospel in His left hand, open to the page where the same words were written.

With this event, the uncertainties that had troubled my soul were overcome, and in divine grace I came to know Christ as true God and Savior of the world. I was convinced of the truth of the God-man, not by men or books, but by the very Lord Himself, who revealed Himself to me even at this young age. Firmly established in faith, I thought to myself, “Come back now, Costas, if you want, and we’ll have a talk.”



Ο Γέροντας Γαβριήλ ο Αγιοβαρναβίτης της Κύπρου (+2013) σταματάει με την προσευχή του το χρόνο όπως ο Ιησούς του Ναυή


Ο Γέροντας Γαβριήλ ο Αγιοβαρναβίτης της Κύπρου (+2013)

σταματάει με την προσευχή του το χρόνο όπως ο Ιησούς του Ναυή

Ὁ Γέροντας Γαβριήλ ἦταν καλλιγράφος. Σώζονται γραπτά του κείμενα, τά ὁποῖα εἶναι πολύ πιό ὡραῖα ἀπ᾽ τά τυπωμένα. Ὡς φιλάγιος πού ἦταν ὁ Γέροντας καί μή ἔχοντας Ἀκολουθίες νά τιμήση διάφορους Ἀγίους ἔπαιρνε τροπάρια ἀπό ἄλλες Ἀκολουθίες καί τροποποιώντας τά συνέθετε σέ αὐτούς Ἀκολουθίες. Κάποτε ξεκίνησε νά γράφη Ἀκολουθίες γιά τούς Ἁγίους τῆς 28ης Σεπτεμβρίου, ὅπου συνεορτάζονται οἱ Ἅγιοι, Χαρίτων ὁ ὁμολογητής, Αὐξέντιος ὁ Ὅσιος, ὁ ἐπονομαζόμενος Ἀλαμᾶνος καί ὁ Ὅσιος Νεόφυτος, ὁ Ἔγκλειστος. Ἔφτασε, ὅμως, ἡ ἐσπέρα καί ἄρχισε νά νυκτώνη χωρίς ἡ καλλιγράφησι νά τελειώνη. Βράδιασε καί μέ τή βοήθεια μιᾶς λάμπας πετρελαίου συνέχιζε χωρίς διακοπή τήν ἐργασία του. Παρακάλεσε τότε τό Θεό νά σταματήση τό χρόνο, γιά νά προλάβη λέγοντας:

—Θεέ μου, Ἐσύ πού σταμάτησες τό χρόνο τοῦ Ἰησοῦ τοῦ Ναυῆ, γιά νά μπορέση νά ἐξέλθη νικητής, σταμάτησε καί τώρα τό χρόνο, γιά νά τιμηθοῦν αὔριο οἱ Ἅγιοί Σου!

Τότε, ὤ τοῦ θαύματος, σταμάτησε ὁ χρόνος καί ἔγραφε ἀσταμάτητα. Ταυτόχρονα ἔβλεπε ἀπ᾽ τό παράθυρο τά ἀστέρια νά βρίσκονται στό ἴδιο σημεῖο τοῦ οὐρανοῦ, χωρίς νά μετακινοῦνται, καί ἔπαιρνε θάρρος. Ὁ Κύριος τόν εἶχε ἀκούσει. Ὅταν τελείωσε τήν Ἀκολουθία, ἐργασία ἡμερῶν πολλῶν σέ λίγες ὧρες, καί εἶδε τά ἀστέρια πάλι σταθερά νά μένουν ἀκίνητα στό χρόνο, δοξολόγησε τό Θεό καί, ἀφοῦ βρῆκε χρόνο καί γιά λίγη ξεκούρασι, σηκώθηκε καί μέ μεγάλη προθυμία καί χαρά ἔψαλε τήν Ἀκολουθία τῶν τριῶν ἑορταζομένων Ἁγίων.



My journey into the True Church – Timothy Copple, Texas, USA


My journey into the True Church

by Timothy Copple



Each story I’ve heard of how people have come into the Orthodox Church has been different. Sometimes there are some general similarities, but each one has specific issues, specific circumstances and specific problems that they deal with. While I recognize that my own circumstances are not, and in some cases should not be, how others come into Orthodoxy, I do feel there were some key elements that moved me in this direction. Most inquirers/converts to Orthodoxy will deal with these key elements at some point.

So allow me to tell you a little of my own journey.

I was born and raised in Texas. We moved a lot, so over my growing up years I’ve lived in several different cities around south-central Texas. The city that I did a majority of my growing up, mostly during my teen years, was Austin, TX. So I tend to think of that as “home”. Ironically, it was in moving back to Austin after having lived in other places for around 16 years that I became Orthodox.

As I was growing up, my Father, Dalton Copple, was a part-time Baptist preacher while he worked for the local electric company around the Uvalde area. Some of my earliest memories as a kid are from those days. I recall a couple of questions I had back then, which I addressed to my Mom, Alice Fay Kiker.

One time I recall, as we were getting dressed for church, asking Mom why we had to go to church. As many people know, kids are often not really excited about going to church. You want to move, you want to play, you want to do anything but sit in a pew and listen for over an hour to people saying words and singing music. For me, however, that was not the full motivation behind my question. It was those blasted black leather shoes.

We were pretty poor people, but of course being the pastor’s family, the kids had to have decent looking shoes for church. Only problem was that our feet were constantly growing and Mom knew that we would hardly get a pair broke in before we would need a new pair. So, like any Mom aware that she had to Continue reading